Improvement of WSAIoctl

Axel Petzold contributions at
Thu Mar 29 06:33:38 CDT 2007

Hi Dan,

> I'm thrilled you're doing this.  What's your software called?
The software is called FuturERS. If you are interested on further info,
you can look at

> But you can't do this:
>> + * Copyright (C) the Wine project
> as there's no legal entity called "the Wine project".  You have
> to use your company's name, I think.  (And be sure they've
> granted permission.)  Or if you have the rights to what you
> do in your spare time, your own name is fine.
I copied the header from another file in the include directory. I've done
it in my spare time and I don't insist on any copyrights on this patch.
So, I thought to copy this as it is, was a good idea.


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