Hardware cursor patch that does not break 'make test'.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Mar 30 11:59:33 CDT 2007

Am Freitag 30 März 2007 16:36 schrieb Andrew Riedi:
> Here is the patch, opps, forgot to attach.
> On 3/30/07, Andrew Riedi <andrewriedi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Here is an updated patch that does not break make test.  Sorry about
> > sending in a bad patch, I always saw that regular make would create stuff
> > in /tests dir's and thought that tested stuff. :\  Anyhow, this one
> > should be fine.
> >
> > changelog: wined3d: Add hardware cursor support.
Wouldn't you have to restore the original cursor in device::release? In 
general this shouldn't matter because 99% of all applications will terminate 
after destroying the device, but I think we should take care of that.

What happens to cursorInfo.hbmMask and cursorinfo.hbmcolor after 
CreateIconIndirect? Is it destroyed with the cursor, or does it leak after 
cursorInfo, which sits on the stack, is destroyed?
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