Jason Edmeades : xcopy: Add support for COPYCMD override and

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Fri Mar 30 14:48:55 CDT 2007

>wouldn't it be nicer to use sizeof(copyCmd) here?
>if (GetEnvironmentVariable(COPYCMD, copyCmd, MAXSTRING)) {
>There are many spots like this in wcmdmain.c 

Yes... I'm blaming cut and paste as I didn't do all the wcmd ones :-)

Once I get all my xcopy patches in I want to continue my rework of the cmd
commands, finishing off some more inbuilt ones which I know are broken. I
also want to extend your last patch to ensure all parts which process a
command line are using the MAXSTRING length, and I'll do a patch for this
while I am at it.


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