Direct3D viewport problems

Robert Fairlie rfairlie at
Tue May 1 04:32:27 CDT 2007


I'm having problems with DirectX viewports under Wine. I'm rendering to an offscreen surface and then copying the contents of the offscreen surface to a window. I first set the viewport to coincide with the window, i.e. 
                                            vp.X = 0;
                                            vp.Y = 0;
                                            vp.Width = windowRect.Width();
                                            vp.Height = windowRect.Height();

I render most of the the scene using the above viewport. 

I then need to draw an arrow in the bottom left hand corner of the of the window inside a square of side iSize, so I set:

                                            vp.X = 0;
                                            vp.Y = windowRect.Height() - iSize;
                                            vp.Width = iSize;
                                            vp.Height = iSize;

Since iSize is only about a fifth of the window height, I would expect the arrow to be displayed at the bottom left of the window. but it's actually being displayed at the top left. The main part of the scene rendered with the first viewport settings is fine.

The code does as expected in Windows, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any problems in this area. I'm also having problems with CD3DFont which I think might be related to this.

Thanks for any advice,

Robert Fairlie
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