Winscard support (for smart cards)

Mounir IDRASSI mounir.idrassi at
Tue May 1 10:45:41 CDT 2007

Hi Eric,
I am afraid I don't see any MS comments in scarderr.h: I have written
all the file from scratch and the comments are mine. Can you point them
out please?
In the final implementation, all the functions are needed even if they
are stubs because they can be called by applications that ignore them if
they report an error. That's why we must implement them all. But I can
start with stubs in the spec file for the first patch.
I'll wait for your reply before submitting the first patch.

IDRIX - Cryptography and IT Security Experts

Eric Pouech wrote:
> thanks for your work
> I still have a couple of comments:
> - you don't need at first (for the skeletton) to provide an empty
> implementation for a given function. If you use the stub keyword in
> the .spec file, Wine will create a minimal stub for the function
> (that'll make the program crash when it's called), but is sufficient
> when the API is never called => this is the preferred way to go. All
> your stubs are not lost, you'll reuse them when providing the first
> API implementation
> - basically, I'd submit a patch for the headers and a second one for
> the skeletton of the DLL. Then you can go on with the various API
> implementations
> From the coding itself:
> - in traces, don't cast handles to int, it won't work every where...
> rather use "%x", handle => that's portable
> - there's still (void) functions declared as () (in the C files)
> - there's still MS comments in scarderr.h
> A+

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