dbghelp performance

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at oribi.org
Tue May 1 19:29:54 CDT 2007

I've played around with dbghelp performance. My test case was breaking 
at an unknown symbol (break gaga) while WoW was loaded in the debugger 
(wine winedbg WoW.exe). The time was hand stopped, memory usage measured 
with ps -AF and looked at the RSS column.

Test                     Time(s)    Memory Usage(MB)
current git              4.5        54
pool_heap.patch          4.5        63
process_heap.patch       4.5        126
insert_first.patch       4.5        54
current git, r300        115        146
pool_heap.patch, r300    17         119
process_heap.patch, r300 17         260
insert_first.patch, r300 27         167

insert_first is the patch from Eric Pouech.
r300 means with the debug version of Mesas r300_dri.so, which has a 
total compilation unit size of around 9.2M (compared to the second 
biggest Wines user32 with 1.1M).

 - current git wins with small debug files (<2M or so), pool_heap wins 
with bigger files. insert_first, process_heap are out.
 - small pools have less memory overhead than small heaps
 - big pools have more memory overhead than big heaps.
 - big pools are a lot slower than big heaps.

IMO the best results would give removing the pools (like in 
process_heap) and freeing unused memory manually, the other way round it 
was allocated. But at a first glance it looks like quite a bit of work, 
which I'm not sure is worth the result. I think the best approach would 
be to code some destroy functions in storage.c which would free the 
allocated vector, sparse_array and hash_table memory. And then gradually 
replace pool_alloc calls with HeapAlloc/HeapFree pairs.


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