Unsecured API functions

Tom Spear speeddymon at gmail.com
Thu May 3 16:58:58 CDT 2007

On 5/3/07, Marcus Meissner <marcus at jet.franken.de> wrote:
> wine is not using gets() at all, insofar there is no risk from it.

That much I knew, however we do use strcpy (especially in msi), and
that is another one that has been deprecated ("banned")..

See http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb288454.aspx for the
complete list..

> It would be quite hard to convert gets -> gets_s  by magic ;)
hmm, I thought so, and re-reading the page, it appears that it is
actually more of a proposal, than a list of api's that have actually
already been deprecated, however if msdn has an article from the sdl
that pushes for the deprecation of non-strsafe functions, I think we
should take that seriously, and at least investigate the difficulty
(I'm not pushing for it to be replaced anywhere in the code right now,
because we are already spread too thin).



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