Initial Mixer support on Mac OS X (1/7)

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Sun May 6 11:11:26 CDT 2007

"Emmanuel Maillard" <mahanuu at> wrote:

> Changelog :
> - inital Mixer support on Mac OS X
> - find all lines and initialize controls
Looking through it you seemed to have used OSS as base, which means some
of the comments on my earlier code also apply to your code:
- 64 bits safety (use DWORD_PTR's)
- the code that normalizes to 65535 should be changed by a MulDiv if

Also if coreaudio has a way to notify the sound driver that a mixer
control has changed you might want to notify the program, see
elem_callback in alsa's mixer, and alsa's mix_open.


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