"Installer already running"

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon May 7 01:35:21 CDT 2007

  I was trying to install the Joint Task Force game, which was packaged as
a bonus with my new graphics card. The game itself seems to install well
using the standard InstallShield, but then it tries to install a PhysX
driver/library, which is necessary to run it. The PhysX package is provided
as a single executable on the CD. When the executable (called
PhysX_2.5.1_SystemSoftware.exe) is run by wine, it immediately pops a dialog
saying "The installer is already running" and pressing its OK button
terminates the installation. The game then complains that the PhysX driver
is not installed and requires reinstallation (for anybody who would like to
try this too, the game itself has to be patched by nocd crack first, otherwise
it chokes on SECDRV.SYS).
  The dialog appears not only when the PhysX installer is launched from the
game installer, but also when the executable is run directly from the
command line.
  Intuitively I was trying to discover more about it by running wine with
WINEDEBUG=+file, and it has shown that the installer created some files in
c:\windows\temp first, then it played with explorer.exe (tried to run it ?),
there was a search for a lot of fonts, libs etc., win.ini was consulted several
times, and the dialog then appeared. Possibly all the stuff starting with
explorer.exe was there to display the dialog box ? After accepting the box,
it just deleted the stuff in the temp directory and terminated.
  I didn't find anything related to this in bugzilla. 
  I would like to find the real cause of the problem, but I don't know exactly,
how to proceed. Any hints ?
  It's the current git wine, but the same is observed on 0.9.33 or so.

      With regards, Pavel Troller

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