Can we catch access violation exceptions in tests?

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Mon May 7 05:31:02 CDT 2007

  I'm trying to write a tests for invalid cbSize in Shell_NotifyIcon. 
The behaviour under Windows XP is to assume in such a case that the size 
is NOTIFYICONDATA_V1_SIZE. AFAIK Shell_NotifyIcon doesn't provide a way 
to read icon data to check that the data introduced after Win95 is not 
modified. So I'm using VirtualAlloc+VirtualProtect to make 
Shell_NotifyIcon fail if it tries to access this data.
  I'd like to catch the exception to make a tests fail if something goes 
wrong instead of crashing the testsuite. However __try doesn't work 
under gcc and using wine/exception.h gives an unresolved symbol 
'__wine_handle_exception'. Is it possible to catch exceptions in tests?

Mikolaj Zalewski

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