"Installer already running"

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon May 7 13:23:04 CDT 2007

> Pavel Troller wrote:
> >>> it chokes on SECDRV.SYS).
> That is all you need to see to know this is SafeDisk.
> Vitaliy.
Hi Vitaliy,
  sorry but you are wrong.
  If you want to judge the others, please be so kind and read at least 
the sentence in which your keyword appears. I'm quoting myself:
> (for anybody who would like to try this too, the game itself has to
> be patched by nocd crack first, otherwise it chokes on SECDRV.SYS).
  This sentence is just a quick note for those, who would eventually
like to reproduce my problem as a whole. However, it's not related to
the problem I was asking about.
  I know you are working very hard on wine; I would like to thank you
as well as all the others million times and over and over :-). However,
please, if you decide to reply to a mail, please don't use grep or any
other kind of keyword match instead of reading at least the most
important parts :-).
         With regards,
	         Pavel Troller

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