kernel32: Implement most of CopyFileEx

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon May 7 22:50:17 CDT 2007

Nice to see somebody filling in the gaps like this.

A few nits based on a superficial reading:

CopyFileA leaks a string.  (I know, it did before your change, too.)

copy_file_open_dest's interface comment has the wrong name.

+    for(i = 0; i < sizeof(flags) / sizeof(flags[0]); i++)
+    {
+        if(for_write) {

Please use the same whitespace conventions as in the
rest of the file (in particular, leave a space after keywords like
for and if).

+    if ((h1 = copy_file_open_source(source, copyFlags &

That line's too long... try to keep them under 80 chars.

+    // FIXME: total_file_size should include the sum of all streams

Use C comments, not C++ comments.

+        DWORD result = progressRoutine(total_file_size,
total_bytes_transferred, stream_size, stream_bytes_transferred,
+                                       stream_number,

Another instance of line longer than 80 chars.  (You have several.)

You don't have a conformance test, nor was there one for CopyFile.
Maybe you should consider writing one, and making sure it passes
both on Wine and Windows.

Say, what app is this for?
- Dan

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