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Tue May 8 13:30:03 CDT 2007

On Tuesday 08 May 2007 19:27, Tom Spear wrote:

> I kinda tend to agree, but the question on their end would be
> something along the lines of "with most users using dynamic ip's, how
> do you propose that we link the hostname to the current ip?"

Personally I don't know if I'd like to have that. I prefer the "least amount 
of surprise" approach.

> One idea would be to setup a cron job that checks ifconfig for the ip
> of ethx, and then changes /etc/hosts accordingly.  But then how would
> you handle users that either a) dont have cron installed, or b) dont
> use an ethernet card (i.e. they use wireless, or are hooked to the
> cable modem via usb cable, or are using dialup)..  Maybe inetd/xinetd
> need to be rewritten from the ground up? lol I dont think that will
> happen any time soon.

I'm not quite sure how (x)inetd would come into play here, or what that would 
have to do with IP addresses. However, the solution chosen should not be 
dependent on the name of the interface.

> The best bet is for wine to work with what it has and build in support
> somehow for each scenario as we come to it.

We're currently investigating a couple of possible solutions, Dylan seems to 
have a good idea using a registry setting. That might work until we can think 
of something better. Keep an eye out for comments on bug #7929.

On a sidenote, I don't really fancy people with no valuable input telling me 
how to write my code. Please, if you don't know what we're doing here, you're 
welcome to ask some questions and I'll be happy to explain my rationale, 
don't come and offer suggestions that are plain useless. No one will have any 
benefit from that.


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