rsaenh: fix bug in RSAENH_CPGetProvParam (corrected)

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Tue May 8 20:10:52 CDT 2007

Hi again Mounir,

> For CRYPT_SEC_DESCR, my previous implementation of the patch tested for
> it with an "&" as you are suggesting. But, after Alexandre Julliard
> comment, I no more check the current version of windows and return
> always CRYPT_SEC_DESCR in RSAENH_CPGetProvParam. So, that's why I put an
> "==" instead to stick with wine implementation.

The "&" you used before checked the Windows version in rsaenh.dll, and
produced different results based on that.  We avoid making our DLLs behave
differently based on Windows version, unless applications also expect
differing behavior based on Windows versions.  Your change in the DLL (not
in the tests) appears sound.

The "&" I am suggesting is to allow the test to succeed on WinXP and Wine
-- where PP_KEYSTORAGE returns precisely CRYPT_SEC_DESCR -- and on Win9x
-- where PP_KEYSTORAGE returns CRYPT_SEC_DESCR | other flags we don't care
to emulate.

> Question: are wine tests meant to be run on Windows? This is the only
> case for the test to fail.

Yes, certainly.  See e.g. recent patches from Paul Vriens to get the tests
succeeding on Win9x.

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