crypt32: remove hardcoded value AT_SIGNATURE from CertContext_SetKeyProvInfo

Mounir IDRASSI mounir.idrassi at
Wed May 9 08:19:20 CDT 2007

Hi Alexandre,
I analyzed more deeply the code. The test is absolutely correct but the
the implementation of the function CertContext_SetKeyProvInfo is
definitely incorrect: in MSDN, it's stated that the dwKeySpec field of
CRYPT_KEY_PROV_INFO is "the specification of the private key to
retrieve". Or, in the code, it's computed as the key specification
values supported by the CSP wich is not the same. So, the
CertContext_SetKeyProvInfo must be modified to retrieve the key spec of
the key related to the certificat, and it should not call
CryptGetProvParam. I'm working on that and I'll send a correct patch soon.
I analogize for my misunderstanding.

IDRIX - Cryptography and IT Security Experts

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Mounir IDRASSI <mounir.idrassi at> writes:
> Like I said, the test currently passes on Windows, so you can't simply
> change it. Tests are supposed to reflect the behavior of Windows, not
> of Wine.

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