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Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu May 10 13:12:44 CDT 2007

Am Donnerstag 10 Mai 2007 19:13 schrieb Jeremy White:
> > Blizzard is at least co-operating with TransGaming on World of Warcraft,
> > so they are at least aware that there are Linux users out there. :)
> >
> > Perhaps someone could act as a representative for CodeWeavers?  It might
> > make Blizzard more attentive.  I can try to get some info from
> > TransGaming about the co-operation, if anyone thinks it would be useful.
> We have someone at Blizzard that at least responds to our emails,
> although I wouldn't characterize them as especially helpful.
> However, to be honest, I'm not really aware of a lot of issues where
> we have a burning need for their help.  My understanding is that
> it mostly works fairly well.
> Stefan, is that not true?  Do we need a lot from them?
Nothing huge and important really. They seem to be testing their releases with 
wine too, some blizzard dev said something like that on the wow forums when 
asked about a bug in their beta releases.

Every now and then I stumble accross some things where I'd ask someone from 
Blizzard, but in all those cases I could find a solution myself, and most 
likely quicker than waiting for someone responding, making sure we talk about 
the same problem and then debugging the things.

One thing that would be valueable to us would be to know how the Warden(the 
anti-cheat system) works, but I don't think Blizzard would tell us. Having 
someone taking us seriously for sure would be a good thing should we run into 
a huge problem like a mass ban like Transgaming had, or an update breaking 
wow in Wine/Crossover completely.

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