Small Direct3D milestone

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Fri May 11 19:18:55 CDT 2007

> (*) Alexandre, if you want to freeze now its ok with me :-) The current d3d
> code is feature rich enough for 1.0 IMHO, but of course I'll try to get the
> fundamentals of more in :-)

On that topic, I'd like as much advance notice of a 1.0 release as
possible, I'll even swear to silence if a date is suspected but
doesn't want to be made public yet. There are several areas of the
appdb that should be improved prior to the 1.0 release and while we
are making progress it might take a month or so of serious hacking to
get things into the kind of shape we'd like to be in for the users
that will arrive when 1.0 drops.


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