msi: undo RegisterProduct/PublishProduct

Misha Koshelev mk144210 at
Sat May 12 15:52:52 CDT 2007


I am starting to write some automation conformance tests for things that
I could check only after a package has been installed (and before it was
removed) like ProductInfo and RelatedProducts. I've added the install
functionality into the conformance test, and it works beautifully on
Windows, cleaning up after itself every time both by deleting all the
installed files and also doing an
MsiInstallPackage/Installer::InstallPackage call with REMOVE=ALL options
which gets rid of all the information published by
RegisterProduct/PublishProduct, thus allowing the ProductState to go
back to being INSTALLSTATE_UNKNOWN afterwards.

However, in wine the tests run fine the first time, but then the
REMOVE=ALL call does not seem to remove the registry data (in fact I'm
not sure this functionality is present under Wine msi yet). Is there any
way to properly remove the registry data about the application under
Wine MSI in my conformance test without just manually clearing out the
appropriate registry values, and would this be considered to be kosher?


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