Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon May 14 13:09:59 CDT 2007

Hi Tom!
I am afraid you have come accross an unmaintained part of wine. There is maybe 
nobody who can competently help you. Nobody minds helping you, but nobody can 
help you.

What happens then is that you write a mail and get no answers. You get 
frustrated(not your fault), write a mail in which you complain nobody has 
answered. 3 persons who do no know the part of wine you're modifying reply 3 
different answers. Discussions start, and then AJ stops applying patches 
until the discussions have come to a conclusion.

Thats just what I think has happened, but I don't know the uninstaller eiter. 
So count this as a 4th answer to "why does nobody answer me" :-)

As for finding out what aj disliked about your patches my experience is that 
it is best to ask him on irc(#winehackers on freenode). But I also know that 
aj stops looking at patches if there is way too much dispute about them. In 
this case you should send single patches to wine-patches starting that you 
want to start the process over. Of course the patches should have the 
suggestions implemented that were made before, or if not a good reason why 
you have chosen to do otherwise(Not all suggestions are good).
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