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Mon May 14 14:27:27 CDT 2007

> My last question is this:  What is an acceptable amount of time I
> should wait before asking AJ what is wrong with a patch?  I see that
> patches get submitted and then the next day they are committed
> oftentimes.  However I would like I am pressuring him if I submit a
> patch, it didnt get committed the next day, and then I shortly after
> ask him what was wrong.  So, should I wait until day 2 or so?
> Unfortunately my company firewall blocks all of the IRC ports, so I
> can't get onto freenode from work, and by the time I get home, most
> times #winehackers (well #winehq anyways) is dead.  I'll check in
> winehackers next time..
You have noticed it correctly. Usually aj commits at 2 pm central european 
time and 8 pm. Patches that are on wine-patches 6 hours before get in 
usually, except if there are just too many aj can handle in one go. AJ 
doesn't commit on weekends. I think if the patch isn't committed withhin 2 
commit waves after you sent it its ok to ask. (Ok, I personally get impatient 
someimtes and ask earlier). As for channels beeing dead, quite often there is 
no talk if there is nothing to discuss, just ping people if you want to talk 
to them. Aj is usually around between 10 am central european time and 10-11 
pm cet, but I'm not sure in the morning as I'm quite often not in then.
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