CMD.EXE patchset 1->6

Robert Shearman rob at
Tue May 15 03:32:25 CDT 2007

Ann & Jason Edmeades wrote:
> Apologies if this set arrives multiple times - I sent it all on Friday, and
> the mailing list only shows 1,2 and 4. I sent then again tonight separately,
> and immediately 3 went missing... 
> FYI I had this problem before the last hardware upgrade on winehq, and it
> appeared fixed since then. I'll start copying a gmail account in future to
> confirm what I am seeing, but last time some emails got delayed about a
> month in transit and eventually appeared, but ONLY when winehq was involved,
> gmail, hotmail, my own email addr etc all got immediate copies...

I believe what is happening is that the WineHQ mail server only accepts 
one SMTP connection at a time. This will probably reject half the 
messages sent by your mail server. Then they will get resent after a 
short period of time, but in batches so more messages will get rejected 
and then resent after a longer period of time, and so on until all the 
messages have been sent.

What probably sets your mail server apart from the gmail servers, for 
example, is that gmail probably sends out each message individually, 
rather than batching it with other messages bound for WineHQ.

Rob Shearman

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