Bug 219 and some bugzilla in general.

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Wed May 16 22:33:37 CDT 2007

Is it just me or did anyone else have a feeling that our bugilla turned into
some kind of forum by selected individuals? I understand all the excitement from
this new shiny ntoskrnl, but what _exactly_ does it have to do with safedisk
in general? And what all the "other" apps this person claims that ntoskrnl
is too limited to support? What's that have to do with bug 219?!

Please if you post information to bugzilla, discuss the bug related matters
*only*. All general stuff should go here! And unless you have any useful
information to provide that will help the resolution of the bug, don't!

And the reason this bug is still the only bug open for safedisk, is because
Wine still a long way away from running _any_ safedisk protected game (of course
I'm talking about 1.2+ versions that do have kernel driver).

I'm sorry, but please can we use things in the way they were meant to be used?


> ------- Additional Comments From ead1234 at hotmail.com  2007-16-05 20:20 -------
> ntoskrnl.exe has been added to wine now, though it may not be ready to handle
> safedisc v1 as of yet there are several versions of safedisc and other
> technologies and once safedisc 1.0 is supported there will be hundreds of other
> apps that don't work with later versions of safedisc and other copy protection
> technologies. 1 catch-all bug is hardly sufficient to deal with all the
> bugs/limitations of ntoskrnl.exe that will eventually arise as not all copyright
> technologies are going to fault at the same point in ntoskrnl and other areas of
> wine. Is it not time to add an ntoskrnl component now that it has been partially
> implemented in wine, especially for the safedisc 2+ versions that won't work
> after this initial wave of stubs? 

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