Direct X 10 game demo

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Thu May 17 12:18:49 CDT 2007

On 5/17/07, Michael Lothian <mike at> wrote:
> In my opinion games will check for DX version on Windows version.
> Eventually once enough people have vista they will release DX10 on XP.
> Probably about a month before the wine version is ready for XP.
> What do you guys think? Am I just being cynical?

I think so.  According to everything I have read DX10 is going to be
tied in with the low level stuff even more so than DX9 was, and theres
a lot of new low-level stuff for it to tie into that was not there
with XP..  They would have to backport all of that stuff from Vista to
XP, release it as either a Service Pack 3 or as XP Second Edition
(groan), and then release DX10 for XP..

Now what they could/might do is offer a scaled down version of DX10
for XP, but there wouldnt be much real benefit over DX9..  Just SM4.0



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