New Gecko package

Jacek Caban jack at
Wed May 16 17:50:51 CDT 2007

Hi all,

It's time to update our Gecko package. I've prepared a new one. I'd like
to avoid any regression, esp. ones that would require changing the
package again. That's why I'd like to do a good test. I'm interested in
regressions, so just a simple test if app that worked before still works
will be fine. To do so download:

1) if you already have installed Gecko, simply extract the package and
replace c:\windows\wine_gecko with it.
2) otherwise extract the package and set GeckoPath variable of
HKCU\Software\Winde\MSHTML registry key to its location.

Then run an app and check if it still works.

Note that you have to use current Git, older Wine is not compatible with
the new Gecko.

Expected visible difference should be:
- Working scrollbars (still not perfect, they will be visible even if
app sets it to not be, but it's better than before - I will work on it
- Pages that require plugins will render like there was no plugin
instead of offering downloading one (that doesn't work anyway)

>From technical point of view this version differs much from previous
one. Previous version was just a SeaMonkey with manually removed and
changed some files. This one is my built  from source (I will create a
page on wiki about how to do so). It's based on XUL Runner,
which has the same source as Firefox

After testing it, I will change Gecko installer a bit to be able to deal
with different Gecko versions for different Wine version and upload it
to SourceForge.


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