ADVAPI32: service tests

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at
Fri May 18 14:12:53 CDT 2007

While working on some advapi32.service functions I found that having some
tests for those APIs could be very useful. However nbot having added
completely new tests so far there are a few issues I feel intimidated about.

The actual task of adding a new test file service.c does seem fairly
straightforward to me, considering I can just take some other test file and
copy the framework from it, adding the new service.c to the

However there are a few issues I see. First almost any test won't make much
sense without at least one service installed and activated. As it is now
there seem to be no services installed by default in a clean Wine install.
So I guess I would also need an extra executable somehow that implements a
basic service that could for instance communicate through a pipe with the
service test. It could be as simple as an executable that implements all the
necessary communication with the service manager and offers some sort of
pipe loopback as main service activity. But how am I going to add such an
extra executable to the make logic of the advapi32 test?

Also under real Windows installing a service will in many cases fail since
that requires administrative privileges for the current process and I'm not
sure we can and want to enforce something like that especially for the
unattended wine test service if that is still working.

I would really appreciate some help about adding an extra executable to the
creation to the advapi32 make logic so that meaningful tests could be done
on Wine. Or maybe someone knows of a service that is going to be added to a
standard Wine installation soon?

Rolf Kalbermatter

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