Small Direct3D milestone

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at
Sat May 19 13:20:24 CDT 2007


On 11.05.2007 21:16, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> With Wine 0.9.37 we've archieved something that I allow myself to call a small 
> milestone - All Direct3D7 Immediate mode SDK demos successfully perform their 
> intended rendering.


> Two major problems are left though, namely windowed opengl rendering(see the 
> junk where a menu bar should be) and GetDC(there should be a little bit of 
> text rendered, I disabled render target locking to get proper performance).
> Where to go from here? I am currently fixing the DirectDraw rewrite 
> regressions I can get hold of, and I am trying to make D3D thread safe 
> finally. From the application point of view my focus will stay on fixing 
> older apps first, which somewhat includes getting thread safety, render 
> target locking and GetDC working properly.

Did you change something affecting D3D multithreaded apps? Star Trek:
Bridge Commander doesn't start for me (only blank screen) since 0.9.37. (AppDB) (downloadable demo)
I'm using the opensource r300 ATI drivers if that matters.


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