gdi32: check for null-pointer in CreateDIBSection

Laurent Vromman laurent at
Sun May 20 02:44:17 CDT 2007


I am not sure at all there a link between what I say and a hiding bug 
somewhere around
this patch, but bug 8088 is due to a problem around DIB section and 
bitmapinfo too.

Maybe a cross analysis between those two bugs could help find this 
hiding bug.

I hope this can help,


Jesse Allen a écrit :
> On 5/19/07, Louis. Lenders <xerox_xerox2000 at> wrote:
>> Hi , this fixes bug 8066,
>> See the crash log here:
>> ,
>> CreateDIBSection is called with bitmapinfo = null.
> The program should be passing in a correctly initialized BITMAPINFO.
> We need to make sure this isn't hiding another bug. Could you provide
> a test case?

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