msi ole automation: where to next?

Misha Koshelev mk144210 at
Sun May 20 14:53:52 CDT 2007

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. Since MSI OLE automation is a bit
overwhelming, I have been using installers that have JScript/VBScript
actions to guide me as to what specific functions/objects to implement
next. I started out by implementing all the functions used by the Vector
NTI installer (which is how I got into wine programming at all; and
which was actually dependent on one of these actions for installing at
the time), and for the past few weeks I have been following the
functions required by the iTunes 7 installer.

However, now that I have implemented all the functions used by both of
these (yay), I am having trouble finding another installer that uses a
lot of scripting, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? It
really helps to have something like that to guide/motivate me. (I
googled "UNHANDLED ACTION TYPE" and tried the installers I found but all
the installers I actually tried out didn't seem to use scripting or
maybe just unimplmeneted scripting functions anymore).

Alternately, is there any other use for MSI OLE automation besides
installers with scriptable actions? If so, what functions would be
important for that use? (I know Mike McCormack talked at one point about
using these interfaces to run custom actions in a separate process, but
I am not really clear as to why automation is really necessary for this
and, if so, how exactly it would be used, since all the automation
functions are just wrappers around existing functions anyway.)

Thanks a lot

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