msi ole automation: where to next?

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon May 21 10:23:09 CDT 2007

Misha wrote:
> [I have the scripting required by the Vector NTI and the iTunes 7 installers
>  working.  What should I do next?]

First off, congratulations!

If you're interested in continuing to work on MSI, I'd suggest
asking James Hawkins for suggestions.

If you're more interested in adding COM interfaces to things,
perhaps implementing the iTextServices api to riched20
would be useful.  Maarten got started on that, but I think
it's not complete enough for say, Google Talk to function.

Most useful of all might be for you to look at
improving our COM implementation itself.  Rob Shearman
could give you suggestions on where to start there.
- Dan

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