FPS tool for wine

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon May 21 18:26:35 CDT 2007

Am Dienstag 22 Mai 2007 00:13 schrieb Tomas.Zijdemans at student.uib.no:
> The largest gaming site in Norway recently did an extensive review of
> gaming on Linux, but Wine was left out of the benchmark because "no FPS
> tool exists for Wine". Surely this can't be true?
What exactly do they mean with FPS tools? After working with all this 3D 
business since almost 2 years I do not know what this term would precicely 
mean :-o If they mean built-in benchmark tools, then we have something like 
that, the fps debug channel which shows the ddraw / d3d / opengl buffer flips 
per secound. But why would they prefer external stuff over the games' 
built-in benchmark features?

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