Hello all

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Wed May 23 19:46:23 CDT 2007


Welcome to wine :-)

The best way to start doing something is to pick something you want to work 
that doesn't work they way you like it. Since you mentioned Counter-Strike 
Source you have done that already :-) . In the course of that you will stuble 
uppon more things that need work for sure.

A warning though, Wine is a pretty complex piece of software, and the APIs it 
implements are very complex. Getting started can be very tough, so don't give 
up too early ;-) Of course we will try you to help you as good as possible.

I am a bit puzzled that you say Cs source doesn't work properly. It should run 
next to perfect in dxlevel 80/81, I have made a lot of fixes for Crossover 
for this game. In dxlevel 90 there are some problems left though, namely the 
missing support for sRGB textures.
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