winscard: add pcsc-lite helpers for upcoming implementation

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Wed May 23 23:46:52 CDT 2007

+BOOL InitializePCSCLite(void)

You don't use the return value:

@@ -42,9 +43,11 @@ BOOL WINAPI DllMain (HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD
fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved)
             WINSCARD_hModule = hinstDLL;
+            InitializePCSCLite();

I suspect it's safer not to fail loading winscard if PCSC-Lite isn't
available.  Instead, the functions such as SCardListCards should probably
return empty lists.  But knowing to do so relies on knowing that PCSC-Lite
couldn't be initialized, so the return value shouldn't be thrown away. 
Or, remove the return value, and have every function check the function
pointers it needs.


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