FWD: Updated/add many Chinese simplified resource

Lobster DB db.lobster at gmail.com
Thu May 24 01:50:22 CDT 2007

2007/5/23, Detlef Riekenberg <wine.dev at web.de>:
> On Mi, 2007-05-23 at 02:17 +0800, Lobster DB wrote:
> > may i can't mailto: wine-patches at winehq.org
> It was automatic filtered for manual review, because
> the Mail/Attachment is to large.
> To get the Patches in the Tree, they must be much smaller!

oh, thank you.
this is my first time do a patch.
my English so poor that i can read English, but can't write it well.

> > change all *Zh.rc which is Chinese simplified resource to *Cn.rc
> > keep some *Zh.rc which is Chinese traditional
> > user32: user32_Zh.rc slipted for Chinese simplified (user32_Cn.rc) and
> > Chinese traditional (user32_Zh.rc)
> > comctl32: update Chinese simplified resource
> > comdlg32: update Chinese simplified resource
> > notepad: update Chinese simplified resource
> > progman: update Chinese simplified resource
> > user32: update Chinese simplified resource
> > winefile: update Chinese simplified resource
> > winhelp: update Chinese simplified resource
> > credui: add add Chinese simplified resource
> > clock: add Chinese simplified resource
> > regedit: add Chinese simplified resource
> > uninstaller: add Chinese simplified resource
> > winecfg: add Chinese simplified resource
> > winemine: add Chinese simplified resource
> A Changelog, that does not fit in the Subject is the main
> Hint, that the Patch needs to be split.
> I Suggest one Patch per DLL.

Thank you, I well redo this patch.
this time, one Patch per DLL.

> When you need to rename a File, please do not update more than
> very, very few Tanslations in that Patch.
> The best way is to send a seperate Patch for the rename.

Thank you, i know.

> As an Example for multiple Language-Versions in one File, you can
> read "Pt.rc" for winmine.
> After a short Talk with Alexandre, we think, that both versions
> (Traditional and Simplified) can go in a single File.
> About the encoding (from Alexandre):
> utf-8 is better, but that really depends on what's most convenient for
> you.

i readed "Pt.rc" for winmine.
but i think Chinese will have some problems.

i readed user32_Zh.rc, too.
This file is GB18030 but have  #pragma code_page(950).

both Chinese in a single File use UTF-8 may work very well, may not,
maybe need #pragma code_page(936) or #pragma code_page(950).
i don't know what is it, may be they will worked very well.
i need to test.

code page of Chinese between Traditional and Simplified is so different.

> Another Hint: Try the easy translations (Single Chinese Translation)
> first; wait with the difficult translations, until the easy Patches are
> in the tree.

Thank you, i know.
i will send new rc file first.

> Thanks for your Help.
> --
> By by ... Detlef

at last, may i ask a question?
Wine tree have

1. user32: one user32_Zh.rc file both have Traditional and Simplified.
Which is use GB18030 encode.
2. comdlg32: both have Zh.rc and Cn.rc
Which are use GB18030 encode.

may i use Cn.rc which use GB18030 encode for new file?
i think Zh.rc use BIG5 encode for well.
i want use UTF-8 but, i can't write  #pragma

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