Compiling tests standalone on windows

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri May 25 18:02:34 CDT 2007

(This is more for my own notekeeping, but maybe it'll be
of interest to somebody else.)

Sometimes it's nice to build a test with visual C++ on Windows
without any makefiles or projects.  You just have to
get a command prompt that has run vcvars32.bat, e.g. by doing
 Start / All Programs / Visual C++  2005 Express Edition /
    Visual Studio Tools / VS 2005 Command Prompt
and then do e.g.
  cd wine-git\dlls\gdi32\tests
  cl -DSTANDALONE -D_X86_ -I../../../include pen.c gdi32.lib

But for some reason today that didn't work for me; cl
couldn't find gdi32.lib unless I gave an absolute path,
which made no sense (since the same path was already in LIB).

To try to track this down, I wrote a tiny batch file to
reproduce everything:

set PSDK=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK
set VS8=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8
set LIB=%VS8%\VC\LIB;%VS8%\SDK\v2.0\lib;%PSDK%\Lib
set PATH=%VS8%\VC\BIN;%VS8%\Common7\IDE;%PATH%
cd \dank\wine-git\dlls\gdi32\tests
cl -DSTANDALONE -D_X86_ -I../../../include pen.c gdi32.lib

Oddly enough, that worked fine.  I dunno why the problem went away.

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