gdiplus: added stub implementation of gdiplus.dll

Jeff L lats at
Sat May 26 08:37:36 CDT 2007

James Hawkins wrote:
> On 5/25/07, Andrey Turkin <andrey.turkin at> wrote:
>> James Hawkins wrote:
>> > On 5/25/07, Mounir IDRASSI <mounir.idrassi at> wrote:
>> >> Hi,
>> >> You also have to modify other files in order to integrate your stub
>> >> implementation to the wine build chain:, configure and
>> >> in the wine root directory, in the "dlls"
>> >> directory. >
>> > The only file outside of gdiplus that he has to modify is 
>> >
>> I thought he should run tools/make_makefiles
> That's not required.
When adding a directory into the local repository I have found need to 
add the Makefiles and configure, etc, in addition the the 
if you want to compile from your new directory as part of a make at the 
top level.  Is there a secret to propagating the configuration?  Or is 
this a prerogative of Alexandre's?

Jeff Latimer

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