Start of an opengl-based gdi driver

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Mon May 28 17:00:14 CDT 2007

A few additions to my previous mail - Why can't I think about all this when 
I'm writing the mail.

A GDI engine won't help Direct3D applications because the gdi engine still 
operates in system memory. It would not avoid the need of downloading from 
opengl and uploading again. A GDI engine can help DirectDraw Games(although 
this can be improved in wined3d too), and other apps making heavy use of DIB 
sections with direct access. DDraw can be improved by moving the rendering 
from wined3d's code to the X server. This would shift the expensive opertions 
away from GetDC to surface locking.

And my font manager: I'm aware that I can't store the font Handle, I have to 
store the LOGFONT structure, together with the pen settings. This was just a 
quick and dirty way which works for most apps. But in theory the font handle 
can be destroyed and another one recreated with the same value but different 

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