mshtml #2: Added warning if a wrong Wine Gecko package version was found.

Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed May 30 15:35:05 CDT 2007

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Jacek Caban <jacek at> writes:
>> @@ -212,8 +213,10 @@ static BOOL load_wine_gecko(PRUnichar *gre_path)
>>      if(res != ERROR_SUCCESS || type != REG_SZ)
>>          return FALSE;
>> -    if(TRACE_ON(mshtml))
>> -        check_version(gre_path);
>> +    /* We may consider message box here */
>> +    if(ERR_ON(mshtml) && !check_version(gre_path))
>> +        MESSAGE("Found a version of Wine Gecko package that is not dedicated "
>> +                "to your Wine version. Reinstalation is recommended.\n");
> If you want to check versions, there needs to be a way to specify in
> the URL which version you want to download, and old versions need to
> be kept available.

Yes, that's my plan, but I'm not sure why it's important for this patch.
Currently Wine downloads always the same Gecko version that was never
updated, so this check should work with current Wine. It will change
once we will switch to the new version. I have patches that will use
query encoded in URL to specify the package version and it will use the
same defined version string as version check in this patch, so switching
to the new Gecko won't be much more than one line patch.. It requires
changes both in Wine and redirecting php script. I have patches for both
and this was the first patch in this direction. I only have to test the
rest of patches and send them (hopefully I will find the time to do it

> The target CPU should also be part of the URL so we
> can support multiple platforms.

We are very far from being able to support other archs, so I thought
it's not worth to care about it ATM.


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