Whitespace changes in an indentation patch, is it acceptable?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu May 31 12:44:56 CDT 2007

Tom wrote:
>Hi all, just curious, in my work on uninstaller, I am writing my
>patches to where when indentation is changed, due to adding a for
>loop, it is done in a separate patch file.  I was wondering if it is
>acceptable to make whitespace changes to other parts of the file in
>that same patch.

In general, mixing large whitespace changes with small functional
changes make it hard to code review the functional change.
But either way can be fine, it just depends on the situation.

Now that you've fixed a couple bugs in your uninstall patch,
I think you should post the very simplest form of it possible,
without any other change mixed in.  In this case, I think that
means you should do the whitespace changes in a second patch.
- Dan

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