New DLL, Server and Service Documentation

Roy Shea roy at
Thu Nov 1 02:00:36 CDT 2007

Howdy All,

This autumn I began learning both Wine and COM.  A
combination of limited documentation and trouble finding the
right example code for my task at hand made this a difficult
process.  In an attempt to help other new Wine and COM
developers I wrote a tutorial on COM development the Wine
way.  This tutorial describes:

- A simple DLL providing a in-process COM object
- A simple server providing a local COM object
- A simple service that publishes a COM object and the
  corresponding proxy / stub required to use the service

with instructions on Wine integration and, for Windows users
or testers building for Windows, basic instructions on
building and running these same applications in Windows.
The tutorial is available at:

I hope other developers enjoy this documentation.  If you
see mistakes, either minor typos or conceptual problems,
please drop me an email and I'll clean up the docs.


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