[Bug 10266] Numpad keyboard handling is strange, Del keyproduces two events

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Thu Nov 1 10:16:19 CDT 2007

"Peter Åstrand" <astrand at cendio.se> wrote:

> 1) "Not consistent"
> It might be interesting to compare with CapsLock. Shift can cancel
> CapsLock, but also substitute it. This is true on both Windows and Linux.
> Additionally, on Linux, NumLock works the same, ie Shift works in both
> directions. On Windows, however, Shift can only cancel NumLock, not
> substitute it. Regardless of whether users actually finds this useful or
> not, I think it's hard to argue for that this is "logical" or
> "consistent".

Current behaviour emulates what ToUnicodeEx does under Windows. And some
apps depend on it.

> 2) "Annoying"
> Can it be that you have a Windows background and are therefore used to the
> Windows behaviour?

When NumLock is off arrow kys on numpad should behave like normal arrow keys
IMO. Perhaps you have an idea how to use keypad with NumLock turned off to move
cursor, and to select text when needed with Shift just like arrow keys do?

> > Besides, I just tested with Wine's notepad and don't see the problem you
> > are reporting.
> Which keyboard layout are you using? On my system, Wine selects the
> Swedish keyboard layout.

I'm using us keyboard layout.


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