mshtml: Set IE version when installing wine gecko

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Thu Nov 1 13:20:55 CDT 2007

On Thursday 01 November 2007 10:47:36 am Jacek Caban wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> This patch is already committed, but, I'm afraid, it's wrong. Setting
> these registries has nothing to do with installing Gecko. Setting them
> in Gecko installer will only make supporting it harder. We don't want to
> tell user to "run iexplore about:blank" to get an app working.

Actually, Alexendre agreed to the patch *because* it sets the version when 
Gecko is installed. This allows people to still install native IE if they 
wish, and allows apps that need native IE to be able to have it, by 
installing IE before Gecko. Alexendre wasn't willing to have the version 
always set because some apps may need native IE, and because some people may 
want native IE.

However, setting the version when installing Gecko allows apps that need to 
detect IE by its version, to be able to do so.

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