mshtml: Set IE version when installing wine gecko

Jacek Caban jacek at
Thu Nov 1 14:40:25 CDT 2007

Chris Robinson wrote:
> Actually, Alexendre agreed to the patch *because* it sets the version when 
> Gecko is installed. This allows people to still install native IE if they 
> wish, and allows apps that need native IE to be able to have it, by 
> installing IE before Gecko. Alexendre wasn't willing to have the version 
> always set because some apps may need native IE, and because some people may 
> want native IE.
> However, setting the version when installing Gecko allows apps that need to 
> detect IE by its version, to be able to do so.

But currently, if you use the new installing way (from hard drive),
Gecko installs during wineprefixcreate if user has it set up correctly.
It means that some users will have always set IE version, others won't.
It's definitely not what we want. We may consider reverting installing
Gecko from DllRegisterServer to make it at least the same for all.

The real solution is to always set IE version. To do it we have to fix
apps that block it. The problem, apart from that I didn't have time to
make bug hunting on them yet, is that we don't really have a list of
such apps. Quicken is the main example, but who knows what are the
others? It would be great if we had it somewhere in bugzilla or wiki.


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