valgrind results online

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Nov 1 19:27:09 CDT 2007

I've posted results from running the entire conformance test suit
under Valgrind at
There are 100 files there; one for each test that had warnings.
(And one more file with everything concatenated together,

A lot of the warnings are probably just problems in our
conformance tests, not in Wine, and several of the warnings
might be problems in Valgrind.  But I wouldn't be surprised
if there were several dozen real problems in Wine,
so please take a look.
(Juan has already submitted a bunch of cleanups for
crypt32.  I'll probably run these tests daily for a while
and upload the results to a new directory for each day.)

I've also updated the instructions on how to run tests under Valgrind,
and updated the Wine patch there to include a
bunch more suppressions.
- Dan

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