alsa->pulseaudio->alsa directsound hang

Jan Zerebecki at
Fri Nov 2 06:26:33 CDT 2007

I didn't test pulseaudio nor looked at your .asoundrc , but there
are some non-obvious pitfalls when configuring such stuff in
.asoundrc . But the fault may also be that the pulseaudio alsa
plugin doesn't fully behave like normal alsa does. Wine is pretty
sensitive to such things (even to e.g. non-default dmix
settings), but most other alsa applications are not.

I made tests with the alsa plugin from jack and wine and mplayer
also had problems with that.

And, yes, their alsa plugin should be the recommended way to use
wine (and other applications) with pulseaudio or jack. I imagine
it would be good for those projects to have their alsa plugin
working properly.

On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 12:20:15AM -0700, Al Tobey wrote:
> I'm just trying it out as it seems to be the recommended way of mixing
> native alsa apps through pulseaudio.   It works fine for all the other
> alsa apps I tried.

Does mplayer work that way without problems? It's the only other
application I know of where I experienced similar problems.


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