mshtml: Set IE version when installing wine gecko

Jacek Caban jacek at
Fri Nov 2 10:23:42 CDT 2007

Chris Robinson wrote:
> Even if you fix all the apps that have a problem with Gecko, native IE still 
> has rendering differences. And short of reimplementing it ourselves, some 
> people will have a need for native IE (eg. web developers wanting to see what 
> their site looks like in IE). There may even be some other behavioral 
> differences that the majority of people won't care about or even not prefer, 
> while others do.

Sure, but user may always unregister IE before installing it. IMO it's
better to document such things than depend what user has done with Wine
prefix before trying to install IE. These keys will only make the
installing process more tricky but not impossible.


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