#winehq admin troubles

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Sun Nov 4 23:43:43 CST 2007

feba thatl wrote:
> (09:32:56 PM) The topic for #winehq is:[long topic removed]
> (09:33:09 PM) ***vitamin fucking tired all knowning noobs!
> (09:33:15 PM) <Name removed, same person from #ubuntu>: wine: cannot
> find '/media/cdrom0/intro.exe'
> (09:33:15 PM) vitamin: usrl, you better leave
> (09:33:25 PM) usrl: Why?
> (09:33:32 PM) mode (+b *!*n=feba@*.hsd1.ks.comcast.net ) by vitamin
> (09:33:32 PM) You have been kicked by vitamin: (vitamin)

You omitted the reason:

Nov 04 20:30:56 <usrl>  Gunn: that's an old version. Go to winehq.org and 
follow their instructions to add them to your repos.
Nov 04 20:31:05 <vitamin>       fester, how are you "loading" that program?
Nov 04 20:31:09 <usrl>  Gunn: it will be more up to date that way
Nov 04 20:31:25 <vitamin>       usrl, that's not a problem here
Nov 04 20:31:37 <usrl>  vitamin: I know, but it's helpful anyway.

You got into middle of conversation, suggested something that user does not 
need (as 0.9.47 and 0.9.48 are still broken for most Source games).

But since it seems that no one really gives a rip about what's going on on 
the channel, please whoever has higher access then me, remove me from the 
ops list. I don't want to explain myself every time some some one feels 
"wronged" and have to run to the mailing list to complain about it.


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