#winehq admin troubles

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Nov 5 02:50:46 CST 2007

  Please, people, live in love and peace :-)! I think I see what happened...
Parts of the previous mail are swapped, it's better for the explanation.

Vitamin said:
> You omitted the reason:
> Nov 04 20:30:56 <usrl>  Gunn: that's an old version. Go to winehq.org and 
> follow their instructions to add them to your repos.
> Nov 04 20:31:05 <vitamin>       fester, how are you "loading" that program?
> Nov 04 20:31:09 <usrl>  Gunn: it will be more up to date that way
> Nov 04 20:31:25 <vitamin>       usrl, that's not a problem here
> Nov 04 20:31:37 <usrl>  vitamin: I know, but it's helpful anyway.

To <usrl>: This sentence was probably not clever. You are trying to explain
things to somebody who knows probably much more than you (and did you REALLY
know, that there is not a problem, as you write?). Some people are taking it
too personally and they don't like it. Maybe vitamin knew that there are more
regressions in those new versions (there are, I compiled wine this week and
my son complained loudly, I had to restore .45 or something about it), so he
thought that it's better not to recommend an update.

> You got into middle of conversation, suggested something that user does not 
> need (as 0.9.47 and 0.9.48 are still broken for most Source games).

The line above is very important. I think it had to be sent to the channel.
Please imagine yourself saying:

(09:33:15 PM) vitamin: usrl, this will not help, as 0.9.47 and 0.9.48 are
still broken for most Source games.

> feba thatl wrote:
> > 
> > (09:32:56 PM) The topic for #winehq is:[long topic removed]
> > (09:33:09 PM) ***vitamin fucking tired all knowning noobs!
> > (09:33:15 PM) <Name removed, same person from #ubuntu>: wine: cannot
> > find '/media/cdrom0/intro.exe'
> > (09:33:15 PM) vitamin: usrl, you better leave
> > (09:33:25 PM) usrl: Why?
> > (09:33:32 PM) mode (+b *!*n=feba@*.hsd1.ks.comcast.net ) by vitamin

Banning instead of a single word of reply ? Please try to see the problem
from the usrl's perspective: 
  - He wanted to help somebody
  - He didn't know what you did know (see below)
  - You requested him to leave, without any explanation
  - When he asked why (exactly as I would do in his place), he was forcefully

> > (09:33:32 PM) You have been kicked by vitamin: (vitamin)
> > 
> But since it seems that no one really gives a rip about what's going on on 
> the channel, please whoever has higher access then me, remove me from the 
> ops list. I don't want to explain myself every time some some one feels 
> "wronged" and have to run to the mailing list to complain about it.

No NO no :-). I think you are not bad, at all!!! I can exactly imagine what
did you feel - that you were doing your best to explain things to an user and
that usrl's entry and suggestions were wrong from your point of view. But
please try to imagine that you are a policeman, a lost driver is asking you
how to drive to a supermarket, and another person is trying to explain it
too, but he's wrong. Would you put the second person (and a few seconds later
the first one too) to a jail ? I hope no :-). And with your admin rights it's
similar. You have them to protect the channel from all unwanted traffic, keep
it going well and smooth. So the only thing you can maybe learn from those
cases (if you want) is that you can wait for a second, make a deep breath, 
and think twice, what are the users REALLY trying to do, before you decide to
kick/ban them.

> Vitaliy.

With regards, Pavel Troller

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