#winehq admin troubles

EA Durbin ead1234 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 5 05:08:58 CST 2007

----------------------------------------> From: alex at thehandofagony.com> To: wine-devel at winehq.org> Subject: Re: #winehq admin troubles> Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 12:09:18 +0100> CC: hans at it.vu.nl; kai.blin at gmail.com>> On Monday 05 November 2007 11:49:52 Hans Leidekker wrote:>> On Monday 05 November 2007 10:39:32 Kai Blin wrote:>>> Personally, I would like to see more people stepping up to help run>>> #winehq instead of just complaining about the work of one of the very few>>> people who actually are out there helping users.>>>> As I understand this history feba thatl tried to do exactly that: help>> others on our user channel... and got banned by vitamin. So if vitamin>> is really under stress from all these complaining users, he's not helping>> himself by kicking out others who try to help.>>>> -Hans>>> No, he was just telling the user to upgrade Wine, which vitamin knew would> have no effect whatsoever. The only thing that could have benefited from> that advice would have been his self-image.>>>> Alexander N. Sørnes>>

So we kick people who try to help, even though they may not know the proper answer?
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