#winehq admin troubles

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Nov 5 05:51:10 CST 2007

Am Montag, 5. November 2007 10:39:32 schrieb Kai Blin:
> On Monday 05 November 2007 06:12:42 Chris Morgan wrote:
> > I agree that this isn't something that should continue. Kicking should
> > be reserved for people being disruptive. There is no reason to be
> > anything other than polite to users asking for help.
> How much time do you spend in #winehq? I know I don't spend much time
> there, but I know it's a thankless job. four out of five people who ask for
> help there seem to
> a) expect you to drop everything you're doing to help them
> b) insult the person trying to help if the suggestion doesn't work
> c) threaten to go back to windows and expect you care.
> d) leave before you get around to answer
I absolutely agree. Helping people in #winehq is a really bad job. Many people 
who go there seem to expect you to wave your magic wand to make their problem 
go away with zero effort from their side, and to make that instantly and free 
of charge. I did help in #winehq for about 6 months until I started working 
at codeweavers as now I'm paid to give support there.

Another aspect that was mentioned in Wineconf was that #winehq worked quite 
well until gamers started to use wine. The atmosphere in #winehq seems to be 
close to the general gaming atmosphere. Did you ever read the letters to the 
editor of a gaming magazine? I did that in two or 3, and I was shocked about 
that. Similarly the chat in an average counter-strike game(although cs is 
propably an extreme case).

What is also interesting that the atmosphere in #crossover is really sane. In 
the 18 months I've been in there, we had to ban only one person who asked me 
for a pirated copy of crossover. People there explain their problems well, 
and are good at following steps to fix them, and if it turns out that 
CrossOver is not the solution to their problems they do not threaten you. 
I've never seen a sentence like "I'll go to windows if you don't fix that 
instantly" or "Fix that ASAP or I'll get Parallels". This could be because we 
have separate means of support with dedicated support personal, but most 
people who go to crossover don't know about it even.
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