#winehq admin troubles

Luke Bratch l_bratch at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 08:48:39 CST 2007

Chris Morgan wrote:

> Allowing this kind of behavior to continue reflects
poorly on us as a
> community. I'd like to suggest that this be the last
time we hear
> about issues like this. If it happens again I'd like
to propose a
> graduated scale of irc channel bans, starting at one
month, for
> Vitamin.

I don't often hang out in #winehq, but I do follow
Bugzilla religiously, and I used to think bad things
about Vitamin too, because of the way he would reply
to various people (generally newcomers).

However as time goes on I can now see that he is quite
right in how he deals with people - it is good to be
strict with people, as it will hopefully give them a
kick up the backside in the right direction.

If I blundered into a new online community and didn't
behave in a constructive or useful manor, people
shouting at me would certainly make me get my act
sorted out, whereas people acting normally might make
me carry on in the same way.

After seeing Vitamin deal with people for a long time
now, I can say I totally agree with how he does


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